2021 first update

2021 first update

We start off this new year by hoping it’s going to be a more normal year than 2020. Right now it looks like it will change back to normal during the summer and autumn. We think the spring will be a lot like last year, in many ways. However, what we will call normal in the future might not be the same as what we used to call normal in the past. These changes will be both good and bad.

The new year has already taken off. Polymer prices have increased a lot. These increases are mainly driven by lack of availability, but also an increased faith in the future because of the start of the use of several vaccines in Europe. It could be that the prices increase too fast and that we risk a sudden drop. But we start from extremely low levels and even after these big increases we are now at a level that we usually call normal but a bit on the low end. GPS thinks that PE and PP prices below 1,00 EUR/kg make the market behave strangely. We are now well above this level. Even though we know that end-users struggle to change the price of their product along with the change of polymer prices we think that also they will benefit from these price levels in the long run. If we can maintain this level, we will have better availability and better predictability.

Company info

GPS has updated the list of available materials. Please have a look to see if there is something you need.

In the coming weeks and months, we will not travel to see customers or suppliers. However, we have become used to digital meetings and we know that we have to provide more information about our products and more pictures. If you need something from us to make your decision easy, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your request.